Lip Blush:

Define your lips with a blushing technique that is an alternative to the traditional permanent lipstick tattoo. It can be compared to a lip stain, tint or blush. It restores even color to pale lips for a more youthful pout while keeping the lip’s edge (vermillion border) soft. This may give the lips a fuller, softer appearance without a harsh lip liner.

$550 ... Lip Blush (price includes 5-10 week touchup)

Touch Ups:

Within 6-10 weeks after intial session only

Within 7 weeks - 6 months

Within 6 - 12 months

Within 12 - 18 months

Within 18 - 24 months

Free .....

$75 ......

$150 ....

$210 ....

$275 ....

(Over 24 months = new lip prices)

Previous Micropigmentation/Tattoo Corrections:

Correction work begins at initial treatment price and is to be on a quotation basis depending how many extra sessions are required. I do not provide touch ups of other artists work at a reduced fee, because often a greater amount of work is required to correct and work with previous cosmetic tattoos vs virgin brows. Before booking, clear emailed photos or a consultation is required to determine whether correction is possible. Please note that in some cases correction is not always recommended and removal methods for dark pigment will be advised.