Permanent Makeup Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


What is 'permanent makeup'?

It is a form of cosmetic tattooing also known as micropigmentation where pharmaceutical grade pigments are implanted into the dermal layer of the skin to resemble makeup. However it is still semi-permanent due to the depth that the pigment is implanted and the fading qualities of the pigment itself. The micro-pigmentation machine used for cosmetic tattooing operates at a lower frequency than that of a body tattoo machine. This means it is penetrated more superficially and therefore will fade accordingly.

Who would benefit from permanent makeup

Almost anyone over the age of 18 saving time and frustration of daily makeup application. Permanent makeup can create the illusion of more symmetry to an imbalanced face. It is ideal for people who:

  • want to save time in the morning

  • have poor vision

  • have difficulty applying makeup

  • have lost hair or pigment in lips. Micropigmentation can bring life-changing benefits to alopecia clients or people who have experienced hair loss following completion of chemotherapy treatment. 

Who should not get cosmetic tattoos?

As a precaution, I cannot treat clients that are under the age of 18, pregnant/breastfeeding, are currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments, have been using Accutane within the last six months.  

How many treatments are needed?

Generally, two sessions are standard, however there may be cases where additional treatments are required in more complicated circumstances (at an additional cost). For example, a tattoo cover up may require multiple sessions for proper color correction and coverup . You MUST notify me and email a photo of any previous tattoos to cover up before booking for assessment. It is not always possible to cover over old micropigmented areas, and sometimes removal methods must be attempted first. 

Is it safe?

A sterile and safe environment is provided at all times. I use disposable items whenever possible (bed covers, equipment covers, etc) meaning they haven't been used prior to you. New sterile pre-packaged disposable needles are used with each treatment and are not opened until immediately before procedure, then safely discarded in Sharps containers. The bed, tray, and equipment are all disinfected and sterilized prior to, and immediately following, each client visit. Brows by Anne is fully insured and the premise is registered and approved by the Vancouver Island Health Authority for cosmetic tattooing.

Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the area before, and a liquid numbing is used during the procedure to provide the greatest level of comfort. I recognize that pain tolerance levels vary from person to person and my client's comfort throughout the entirety of the procedure is of utmost importance. Personal circumstances such as the time of a menstrual cycle may increase discomfort or the topical anesthetic may lose its intensity in regular smokers.


Can I bring a friend/child to my appointment?

To give you the very best results, I like to provide you with exclusive, undivided attention; therefore I ask that you do not bring a guest into the treatment room as it may lead to distractions. A tattoo service is not a suitable environment for children and the premise does not provide child care during your treatment. 

Where do I start? How do I book? What are the methods of payment?

Debit, credit and cash are accepted forms of payment. You can conveniently book online HERE.