$550 (includes first touch up) ....

$550 (includes first touch up) ....

$640 (includes first touch up) ....

Hairstroke Brow:

Choose between the nano or microblading technique. Designed with strokes to mimick real hair for added fullness and symmetry. It is often also referred to as 3D brows, eyebrow feathering, brow embroidery and micropigmentation. 

Powder Brow:

A soft, powdery finish to mimick the look of a brow pencil/powder. Great for all skintypes but more ideal than a hairstroke for oily skin where hairstrokes may not heal as crisp and ideal for mature skin. This can also be referred to as an Ombre Brow. 


Combo Brow:

This is a combination of hair strokes + powder for added dimension.

All techniques are a two-step procedure and above prices include the 2nd session when booked 5 - 10 weeks after initial procedure. Annual touchups are recommended to keep the color fresh, as pigment will fade overtime as the skin naturally turns over.

Touch Ups:

Free .....

$75 ......

$125 ....

$195 ....

$250 ....

(Over 24 months = new brow prices)

Within 4-8 weeks after initial session only

Within 9 weeks - 6 months

Within 6 - 12 months

Within 12 - 18 months

Within 18 - 24 months

Previous Micropigmentation/Tattoo Corrections:

Correction work begins at initial treatment price and is to be on a quotation basis depending how many extra sessions are required. I do not provide touch ups of other artists work at a reduced fee, because often a greater amount of work is required to correct and work with previous cosmetic tattoos vs virgin brows. Before booking, clear emailed photos or a consultation is required to determine whether correction is possible. Please note that in some cases correction is not always recommended and removal methods for dark pigment will be advised. 

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