Eyebrow Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is Microblading / Eyebrow Feathering / 3D Brows / Feather Touch / Eyebrow Embroidering?

This style of permanent makeup is often termed in many ways, but they refer to the same thing. It is the meticulous application of pigment to resemble hair strokes. I offer two methods: microblading (using a manual tool) and nano brows (using a digital machine).


What is the difference between microblading and nano brows?

Microblading is the use of a manual disposable tool with a series of needles dipped to create the hairstoke look. The digital machine contains one super fine nano needle that pulsates in an out of the skin during the hair stroke design. I offer both but recommend the approach with the digital machine. It is much gentler on the skin and the healing stage is less obvious.

What are Powder/Ombre or Combo brows?

The methods involve the digital machine. A powder brow is soft shading  and ideal for those who prefer a soft solid-filled eyebrow mimicking the look of an eyebrow pencil/powder. A combo brow is a combination of hair strokes + powder for further dimension and softness. These methods are generally better for oily skin, where hairstrokes may not heal as crisp and mature skin lacking elasticity.

How long does it  last?

A color boost for eyebrows are recommended every 1-2 years to  keep the color fresh. Longevity is dependent on skin type, health, implantation, care and lifestyle (see Aftercare for pigment-prolonging tips). All new eyebrow sessions include a complimentary touch up session. Touch ups can be booked as early as 4 weeks, and complimentary up to 8 weeks. It is a two step process in which the follow up session is an opportunity to make adjustments or darken areas where pigment may not have taken as well and healed as dark.

How can I prepare for my first  appointment?

Typically the first brow treatment lasts for approximately 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the chosen technique. The touch up treatment is approximately 1.5  hours. Both a first and touch up eyeliner treatment is approximate 1.5 hours. If you plan to go on a sun destination vacation, it is recommended that you do the procedure at least 2 weeks before or after your vacation. If you plan on getting botox, please do your procedure at least 2 weeks after your botox. Its fine to do your eyebrow session anytime before a botox session.

Avoid any blood thinning medication 48 hours prior to first appointment. This includes vitamin E, aspirin, ibuprofen, gingko biloba and fish oil supplements.

Avoid alcohol 24 hours before your appointment, and avoid caffeine the day of appointment because they all promote increased bleeding resulting in less absorption of pigment.

Do not thread, wax or tint brows within two days prior.

How will I look after my appointment?

Immediately after the procedure, pigment will appear approximately 30% darker. There may be slight crusting which will naturally flake off over the first 7 - 10 days. The color will then appear quite faint through the newly regenerated skin and will become more prominent over the following few weeks as the skin fully heals. The true colour may not come through until 4 weeks after the initial treatment. Because each individual heals at a different rate, we want to ensure the skin is completely healed underneath which is why the touchup is booked no sooner than 6 weeks after initial brow appointments. After eyeliner procedures, eyelids may be slightly swollen up to two days afterwards. Please refer to my Aftercare page for more details.

How many treatments are needed?

Generally, two sessions are standard, however there may be cases where additional treatments are required in more complicated circumstances (at an additional cost). For example, a tattoo cover up may require multiple sessions for proper color correction and coverup . You MUST notify me and email a photo of any previous tattoos to cover up before booking for assessment. It is not always possible to cover over old micropigmented areas, and sometimes removal methods must be attempted first. 

Where do I start? How do I book? What are the methods of payment?

Debit, credit and cash are accepted forms of payment. You can conveniently book online HERE.